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Welcome to CHIRON at GSU

MESSAGES: 1.5-m will be closed on 1) 12/24/2021 -- 01/11/2022, 2) 02/16/2022 -- 02/22/2022, and 3) 03/02/2022 -- 03/08/2022.

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(1) The CTIO 1.5-m will reopen for science operations starting the night of 11 NOV 2020. We have done extensive testing over several nights and CHIRON appears to be working nominally. In particular, we have determined that CHIRON is stable for radial velocities from night-to-night with a possible velocity offset of a few tens of m/s from closure in March that is still under investigation. Additional details about the size of the offset and continued monitoring of stability will be released in the next few weeks.

(2) A few new boxes are added when you add your targets. These boxes are reserved for time sensitive observations ONLY. Please see the "?" beside each box to know more details.

(3)Targets need to be entered 24 hours before your intended observation date. If you have a Target of Opportunity, please notify chironhelp at least by 12pm (eastern time) on your intended date.

(4) An instruction manual to assist with entering targets and notes can be found at chiron.scheduling.instructions.2019.0819.pdf

This page will offer news and usage information about the CHIRON Spectrometer at CTIO. If you are awarded time on CHIRON, this is where you register for a login using your Proposal ID, the last name of the PI and an e-mail address. Once you have a login, you can create observing plans against your allocated time.

For more information, contact chironhelp AT astro.gsu.edu

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